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December 5, 2022

New Yorkers deserve tidy neighborhoods, cozy homes, and proactive preparations for the winter.

We can all sense winter’s arrival because of the frigid temperatures.

The city has been working with The Department of Sanitation (DSNY) to develop and improve their snow map for the approaching winter. You should be familiar with who leads our city’s snow response, DSNY.

Visit this page for further information, including rules and deadlines:

When it comes to snow, there are numerous options available to New Yorkers, such as PlowNYC, which lets you follow the progress of DSNY snow removal.

It’s now officially heating season, and NYC Housing Preservation Development (HPD) provides information on heating laws and regulations for tenants, owners, and landlords. When daytime outdoor temperatures drop below 55 degrees, all residential building owners should keep inside temperatures at 68 degrees. Regardless of the outside temperature, indoor temperatures must be at least 62 degrees over the course of the night. In accordance with the law, building owners must provide hot water that is 120 degrees all year. You can learn more about HPD’s heat and hot water standards by visiting: