How to Tell if a Rental Unit is Rent-Stabilized

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How to Tell if a Rental Unit is Rent-Stabilized

How Does Rent Stabilization Work Within NYC?

Rent stabilization protects renters in addition to limiting the amount of rent increases. Tenants have the right to obtain essential services, have their leases renewed, and cannot be removed unless for legal reasons. Leases may be renewed for one or two years, at the tenant’s discretion.

Even though a building may have rent-stabilized apartments, not all of the apartments there must be. If you want to know if your apartment is rent stabilized, you should get in touch with NYS Homes and Community Renewal (HCR), the organization responsible for enforcing the rental rules.

The Rent Stabilization “Lease Rider” is expected to be included in your lease by your landlord if the unit is really stabilized. The rider provides the previous rent for the unit as well as the explanations for the rent increase. It also informs you of your rights and obligations as a rent-stabilized tenant. If your landlord failed to provide the Rider, you can get in touch with HCR and lodge a complaint.

  1. The quickest and easiest method is to fill out the form for “Apartment Rent History” on HCR’s website by clicking HERE, selecting that option, and entering the details of your unit. You will receive a printed copy of your rental history in the mail.
  2. Another choice is to use a program developed by the nonprofit tenant advocacy group JustFix, which will ask HCR for your rent history. Renters can submit this online form or text “RENT HISTORY” to (855) 610-2450.
  • Legal Aid and Legal Services provide low-income New Yorkers with consultations as well as legal clinics if you choose to seek legal advice from a housing attorney or tenant rights organization. For anyone who would like to receive legal advice, the NYC Bar Association also has an online form and a phone number (212-626-7373 or 917-832-1927 for Spanish).

Curious on how to register your building’s rent stabilized apartments? See a detailed breakdown here.