Annual Rent Registration for Rent Stabilized Apartments

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Annual Rent Registration for Rent Stabilized Apartments

Governor Hochul signed a measure imposing fines for late registration of rent-stabilized properties into law on December 22, 2023.

An owner may be fined $500 for each unregistered unit for each month the registration is past due if a timely registration is not filed and if such a delinquency is noticed.

This is a guideline to help owners register their rent with the Office of Rent Administration (ORA) on an annual and initial basis. According to New York State law, building owners that have rent-stabilized flats must register their units and give a copy of the registration for each occupied unit to each tenant.

For the registration year that the building is first subject to rent stabilization, initial registrations must be submitted on paper forms. Forms and instructions for all buildings, including those that are now subject to rent stabilization because they receive tax abatement advantages like 421-A and/or a NYC Regulatory Agreement, are included in this section.

Annual Rent Registration Online (ARRO)

Annual registration filings, which can be made online via the Owner Rent Regulation Application (ORRA) system, must include apartment information as of April 1 of the registration year.

All rent-regulated properties must register for rent annually.

The Owner Rent Regulation Applications (ORRA) system’s Annual Rent Registration Online (ARRO) application is used to register rent-regulated premises starting in 2001.

Please send an email requesting paper forms to with the registration year in mind for yearly registrations for 2000 and before.

Initial Rent Registration

To file your registration, you must mail or hand-deliver your forms to the DHCR office.

State law requires the owner of any housing accommodation covered by its provisions to register each individual apartment with the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR). It also needs the owner to update the registration every year using the Annual Rent Registration papers. The first registration entails completing, mailing, and/or posting the following forms, as directed:

  • For each unit, complete the Initial unit Registration form RR-1(i)
  • Fill out RR-2(i) for the building’s first registration summary
  • RR-3(i) for its building services registration.

If you have trouble filling out these forms, you can visit the HCR website, which gives a detailed guide on how to submit these forms.