Reasons You MIGHT Not Need a Property Manager

Wondering whether getting a professional property management company to help you is the right answer?

Read the list of reasons below to see if you are someone who can handle managing a property alone.

1. You’d rather deal with property management issues than spend time with family

2. You find property management more enjoyable than relaxing during the holidays

3. You don’t mind taking care of any maintenance issues

4. You like to spend hours on the phone trying to coordinate With several contractors to collect bids

5. you have experience writing your own lease

6. you have no problem dealing with legal issues and possible lawsuits

7. your rental property is more important than spending time with your spouse / family

8. you don’t mind being on-call 24/7 for tenants

9. you have no problems when conducting inspections

10. you are on top of getting tenants to pay on time

11. you have time to show potential tenants your rental property

12. you have no problem dealing with unhappy tenants

13. communicating with tenants is a breeze

If the reasons above don’t apply to you…contact us today.

Our team will be happy to help you find the right solutions for your property.