Now Available: No-Penalty Building Inspections for Smaller Co-ops and Condos

Smaller co-ops and condos that are exempt from the Facade Inspection and Safety Program’s (formerly known as Local Law 11) five-year compliance cycles must nonetheless be kept in a safe state. The city’s Department of Buildings (DOB) is once again providing its free No-Penalty Inspection Program to assist the co-op and condo boards in those buildings.

The deadline for boards to phone 311 and schedule a free inspection is July 31.

The No-Penalty Inspection Program offered by the DOB is ideal for building owners who wish to make repairs to their homes or businesses but don’t know where to begin.

The DOB will inform property owners of its findings after the inspection. Inspectors will not issue infractions with accompanying fines for a set period of time if they discover any contravening situations. Instead, they will offer advice on how to remedy the situation and give the owners the chance to make the necessary modifications to ensure the safety of their property.

Building facades (under six stories), boilers, and private elevators are now included in the long-running program’s coverage by DOB for the first time ever this year. The condition of decks, patios, retaining walls, building signage, unregistered boilers, and unregistered private elevator equipment will also be evaluated, as in previous years. Since the program’s launch in 2005, this year’s increased coverage represents its biggest expansion.

Weather, time, and incorrect installation can cause building facades and exterior structures to weaken and degrade over time. To avoid a future collapse, it is crucial that property owners make sure their buildings are up to code and well maintained.

To arrange your free, no-penalty inspection, call 311 right away.