Local Law 11

If you're purchasing a unit in New York, you should be aware of Local Law 11. Building owners are subject to severe fines if they violate this regulation, which mandates that they maintain the facades of their structures.

Local Law 11: What Is It?
The external facade of every structure in the city is governed by Local Law 11, a construction code that is implemented in New York City. This rule, which was initially presented in the 1960s and is more technically known as the Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP), has been gradually implemented throughout time, with significant renovations beginning in the early 2000s.

Protecting the structural integrity and visual quality of all buildings in New York City is the aim of Local Law 11, especially those that are situated near busy roadways or other places with heavy traffic. Every five years, a Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector (QEWI) must examine all exterior walls and appurtenances on structures taller than six stories. Additionally, a technical facade report must be completed.

How Frequently Must a Property be Examined in Order to Abide With Local Law 11?
In order to be in compliance with Local Law 11, a property must be examined on a regular basis, regardless of whether repairs are being made or not.

In general, every five years, structures must check and electronically file the technical facade report. Nonetheless, many inspections could take place while the repairs are being made if your facility is still in the process of finishing the requirements to become compliant.

What is The Time Frame for Local Law 11 Repairs?
The time needed for Local Law 11 repairs is contingent upon several elements, such as the inspector's conclusions and the gravity of any defects found. The necessary repairs may take a few days, a few weeks, or even many months to finish.

For bigger structures with more complicated concerns, the average turnaround time is one to two months. The size and complexity of the structure in issue will ultimately determine how long it will take to finish repairs.

What is The Cost of Local Law 11 Repairs?
Depending on the building's size, condition, and the extent of the required work, repair costs might vary significantly.However, most Local Law 11 projects fall into the $50,000–$250,000 range on average. It's crucial to speak with a professional if you're considering doing repairs so you can have a precise idea of the prices.

What Are The Consequences of Breaking Local Law 11 Regulations?
There are severe fines and punishments for breaking Local Law 11 rules.

Depending on the severity of their violation, those who disregard these rules might be fined several hundred to thousands of dollars. Offenders may also incur extra fines each time their property is inspected or cited, which would greatly raise the overall cost of their penalties.