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Landlord Management can help you resolve and prevent issues with your tenants, collect past-due rent, evict tenants, and more at a cost that won't break the bank, whether you're in a dispute with a tenant, about to lease your property to a new tenant, or looking to move a renter out of your home or apartment.


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Protect Your Rights as a Landlord

A skilled attorney can offer priceless legal protection when it comes to leasing your rental units, tenant management, or end-of-lease transitions.

Listed below are just a few of the frequent problems our knowledgeable service lawyers handle:

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Prior to Leasing a Property, Make Sure You Understand Your Obligations and Rights as a Landlord.

Did You Know?

-You can draft a lease that assigns all responsibility for upkeep to the renter.

-In the majority of states, there are restrictions on the size of the security deposit you may ask for and the number of days you have to return it once the lease is over.

-Having access to a lawyer with knowledge of landlord and tenant law may help you create the paperwork you need to manage a successful rental company, whether you have a few simple queries

about the lease you are currently using or you are beginning from scratch.

-When you can have a property management company evaluate the lease and provide legal counsel for the cost of one business lunch, it's a no-brainer given the investment you've made and the

possible issues that may occur once you have a tenant inhabiting your rental property.



Additionally, in order to reduce the danger of violations and fines, it is essential to comply with all regulatory files, permits, certificates, Department of Buildings and Department of Environmental Protection regulations, licenses, etc. LLM ensures compliance with all city, state, and federal regulations to avoid regulatory violations.