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March 15, 2023

How much engagement should we anticipate from the managing agency of our building? What might we anticipate from their presence on-site and what part do they play at annual meetings?


A property manager should visit your co-op or condo building on average once a week. Depending on the needs of the residents, this frequency may alter, and each visit may differ. It’s crucial that visits are fruitful and targeted.

The duties of the property manager are extensive. Covering anything from multi-million dollar projects to blocked toilets and all in between.

Your property manager may be responsible for gathering maintenance or common charges and reviewing alterations. As well as processing purchase and lease applications, responding to resident complaints and queries, handling building communications, and resolving emergencies.

Your property manager should actively participate in, attend, and count the votes at the annual meeting.

The Frequency of Building Visits

Your co-op or condo would typically have a weekly visit from the property manager. There may be instances when this frequency might increase—if there is an emergency or a significant project is happening.

A building’s visitation frequency may vary depending on a number of variables. Including the size and complexity of the building, how well the employees perform their jobs, and any current capital improvements.

Checking on changes, and exploring other areas of the building. Such as the laundry room or storage spaces, visiting the super, and evaluating curb appeal are all possible during visits.

A Board’s and Management’s Varying Responsibilities

Boards should govern, and agents should manage. A competent managing agent gives the board pertinent updates, understandable communications, and strategic direction.

A management agreement created by the board should explicitly define and identify the precise responsibilities.

We outline the prerequisites for attendance at board meetings, yearly shareholder or unit owner meetings, and the frequency of mandatory site visits. The board will determine what level of service the building needs. Based on the size of the building and the number of employees.

A detailed contract between you and your agent promotes openness and transparency. When the board and property management company are working together effectively, the building operates at its best.

Participation of The Agent in Shareholder Meetings

All yearly meetings, whether held in person or through Zoom, the property manager should unquestionably attend.

Your managing agent is responsible for helping to organize the annual meeting. Tasks such as drafting the annual meeting notice, distributing the notice and proxy to residents, setting up and organizing the meeting, recording attendance, taking minutes, and helping to count any votes.

Also, you may hire impartial election inspectors to verify the results before you announce them.

Third-party service providers handle the voting for the yearly election. This happens whenever a difficult vote is to occur. If the governing authority in charge of the structure, such as Housing Preservation & Development, requires it, then this might take place.