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How to Make Your Rental Property Smell Smoke-Free

February 1, 2023

As a landlord, you want to keep your home in peak condition. This way, it will draw in the best tenants possible. Future tenants will want to sign the lease right away due to your new appliances, lovely landscaping, and light windows. But what’s that odor all about? It can truly turn away prospective excellent…

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What to Charge for Rent in an Environment of High Inflation

February 1, 2023

When determining a reasonable market rental rate during a period of significant inflation, it’s critical to stick to the fundamentals. Look for comparable property prices in the area to establish a benchmark before deciding on the rent. Then, to vary from the base rent, take into account additional elements such as location, amenities provided, unit…

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How to Switch HOA Management Companies

January 31, 2023

Do you encounter issues with your HOA management company? You might be unsure of what to do if the board has determined that your current management is ineffective. How to Change Your HOA Management Company: A GuideHaving an HOA management company on your team has a lot of advantages. What does an HOA’s management company do?…

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Six Budget-Friendly Rental Property Renovations

January 30, 2023

Rental renovations are a terrific method to draw in new tenants and raise the value of your home, which will allow you to charge higher rental rates and boost your income. There are various rental improvements you as a landlord may do, all for less than $1,000. Some low-cost remodeling suggestions include outside improvements like…

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Are You Setting Too Strict a Standard for Tenant Screening?

January 27, 2023

You must have objectives in mind as a landlord when looking for the ideal tenants for your rental property. How can you determine if your tenant screening standards are too stringent, though? Overly tight tenant criteria can make it difficult for you to fill openings or perhaps cause you to ignore qualified candidates. Your screening…

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The Common Methods of Rent Collection

January 26, 2023

For many landlords, collecting rent can be a hassle and a cause of worry. Payment issues seem to be landlords’ top concern. You should set up a reliable rent collection system before renting out any property. How can you ensure that you are paid on time then? There are numerous methods for collecting your monthly…

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Co-Ops vs. Condos: What’s The Difference?

January 25, 2023

Condos and co-ops are comparable, but they also have distinctive qualities that give residents a wide range of possibilities. The real estate market in New York City is unique from all others in the country in many respects. The fact that apartments for sale in NYC are either condominiums or co-ops is one of the…

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Why Communication Consistency Is Vital To Your HOA

January 24, 2023

Implementing and upholding HOA rules that support resident safety and lifestyle amenities is a key component of administering a homeowner’s association (HOA).It might be difficult to create strong HOA rules that satisfy community needs and are reasonable to uphold. Boards must develop a solid foundation with open communication at their core to ensure success; this…

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How to Know When It’s Time to Switch Management Companies

January 23, 2023

It’s common for landlords to break up ties with their property management. Here are five explanations of why this occurs: Communication Breakdown: The property manager does not reply to calls, texts, or email messages from the landlord. The landlord could become upset by this as they feel ignored by the manager. One business day is…

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Noise Complaints in a Co-op

January 18, 2023

Your board may be within its powers to fine or take action against tenants for excessive noise, depending on the house rules in your building—and the proprietary lease if it’s a co-op. Residents frequently complain about loud late-night parties or unnecessarily loud music. Noise in an apartment building—and smells for that matter—can be very subjective…

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