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Kasheem Jones

Kasheem Jones has been a Brooklyn resident for over 40 years and has been working in the real estate industry for the past 17 years. Born in Brooklyn, Kasheem spent his childhood growing up in Williamsburg before attending the United States Army where he was a Specialist in major communications. Following the military he attended community college while living in Queens, New York. Kasheem started working in the IT Industry and working in some of NYC largest financial firms. From Merrill Lynch, Brown Brothers & Harriman , Citi Bank and finishing his IT career at Standard & Poors, before returning “home” to Brooklyn to pursue a career in real estate. Kasheem began his real estate career working as an agent in Brooklyn and quickly found success working with buyers, sellers, investors and renters, growing his business and making a name for himself in the bustling New York City real estate market. In June of 2011 Kasheem was brought on by Landlord Management to lead and grow the management and rentals department. With the department growing quickly, Landlord Management created its own separate brokerage. As the company continues to grow exponentially Landlord Management has established itself as a leader in the management of commercial, condominium, cooperative, residential, rent stabilized units, rentals and sales of luxury condos and brownstones in New York City.


Colette Ford

Colette Ford helped form Landlord Management New York in early 2011 and has quickly become a key member of the management team. She has been one of our top managing agents, responsible for the day to day management functions of several brownstones and condos in Brooklyn and Manhattan since coming aboard. Colette has been a Brooklyn resident for over a three decades and brings almost 15 years of  real estate experience to the Landlord Management Team.


Edward Foster

After Lehman Brothers shut- down in 2008, Eddie Foster, their employee for 30 years did not. Eddie was able to smoothly transition from the financial industry into the realm of Real Estate, becoming well respected from others in the business as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson.

In his transition, Eddie was able to apply his interpersonal skills, strong service ethic and dedication to his clients and their needs.

With a lengthy career in a well-respected company, Eddie is well accustomed to working with highly demanding professionals seeking the highest level of service and attention to detail.

Eddie combines a platinum-caliber work ethic with the strictest of professionalism and reliability to meet his clients’ needs swiftly, accurately and successfully.

As an avid bike rider, Eddie uses his bike rides to explore the evolving neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Manhattan to identify the next new enclave.


Frank D'Aquino

After graduating from Xaverian High School and earning a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Marist College I began to pursue my passion for numbers.   My path lead me to various industries, first as a trader on the NYMEX then as the Controller and CFO of the oldest meat wholesale and distribution company in New York City.  It was during my time as a CFO that I started and built up my tax practice.  What I learned about myself during early the stages of growing my firm was that I found the greatest pleasure utilizing my ability to help other people through numbers.   It has been my mission for over 25 years to be the kind of accountant that I would want for myself, one who is accessible at all times, one who would explain to me what the numbers mean and how I can utilize this information to better run my business or more important, better manage buildings finances.  My goal has been to not only maximize my clients refund but to help my clients maximize their buildings income, implement strategic budget packages and ultimately to make filing their taxes a pleasant, stress free event.  I make a promise to each and every client that I will be there for you all year round to answer any questions or to help run any tax scenario you may wish to discuss.

In 2015, after 29 years of roll up the sleeves, nose to the grindstone work, I left my position as CFO to focused 100% on Landlord Management.  What separates me from the many accountants out there is the fact that I actually ran a business with multiple buildings, that I have an intimate working knowledge of what makes a building tick.  This puts me in a unique position to not only provide financial services at year end but to actually help you make better business decisions.  This has been valuable for a lot of startups that I have had the pleasure of working with.    To me the most rewarding part of what I do is taking a building from a bookkeeping perspective that is a train wreck and turning it around. Giving them the tools needed to steer their ship.


John Mclellan

Let’s face it. Selecting the right location is possibly the most important decision you’ll make. You need more than a property that looks nice; you need a property that makes sense for you from a variety of angles, we at Landlord Management understand that and go beyond locating real estate for you. We handle apartment leasing and sales as well as investment properties in Queen, Manhattan and Brooklyn. We identify your dream, and help it come true.

We have successfully represented hundreds of owners and buyers. This is some of the properties we have represented
Sold or Leased Properties Highlights

Sold Properties

·     235    FIFTH AVENUE

·     446    GATES AVENUE

·     458    HANCOCK STREET

·     481    HANCOCK STREET

·     373    LINCOLN ROAD

·     633    MACON STREET

·     246    MAPLE STREET

·     561    QUINCY STREET

·     297    SUMPTER STREET

·     143    WINTHROP STREET

·     635    MACON STREET

·     1112  FULTON STREET

·     739    LORIMER STREET


·     1356 BERGEN STREET

·     543 Quincy street

·     287 Main street

·     156 Mine Road

·     466 Lafayette Ave

·     655 Oak Tree Road

·     181 e. 65th St NY 6E

·     60-62 70th Ave QNS

·     1335 Greene Ave BK

·     452 W. 19th St 2D NY

·     163 E. 63rd St 16D NY

·     264 Wyckoff Ave

·     255 Hudson Street 3B

·     576 Quincy Street

·     498 Vermont Ave

·     1592 Hoe Ave

·     370 Butler Street

·     220 Targee St

·     937 Vanduzer st

·     141 Nevins Street

·     1234 Flatbush Street

Rented Properties

·     1066  BEDFORD AVENUE, 1

·     333  GATES AVENUE, 1

·     333  GATES AVENUE, 2

·     828  MARCY AVENUE, 2

·     828  MARCY AVENUE, 1

·     251  PACIFIC STREET, 20

·     541  QUINCY STREET, 1

·     969  BEDFORD AVE,   1-9

·     1068 BEDFORD AVE, 1-6

·     558  LAFAYETTE AVE,  1-12

·     569  GATES AVE, 1-4

·     547  QUINCY STREET, 1-3

·     543  QUINCY STREET, 1-3

·     561  QUINCY STREET 1-4

·     461  WINTHROP 1-20

·     539  QUINCY STREET


·     439  E. 74th STREET 1-20

·     410  E. 88th STREET 1-10

·     352  E. 91st STREET 1-20

·     412  E. 88th STREET 1-6

·     461  Winthrop 1-12

·     423 E. 88th Street 1-20

·     1881 Woodbine st qns

·     1815 Putnam Ave qns

·     936 Herkimer st

·     1277 nostrand 1-3

·     541 Quincy St 1-3

·     881 Lexington Ave 1-29

Gerald Valme

K. Clark

Ebony Steward

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