Financial Planning,Budgeting, & Finance

To guarantee that your investments are correctly managed and accounted for, we perform bookkeeping with the utmost diligence and care.

You may rely on us to monitor your finances and maximize your potential for growth in the management industry.

Landlord Management bookkeeping involves gathering, evaluating, interpreting, and presenting your financial data so you may manage your finances effectively and adhere to legal requirements. Typically, this entails delivering monthly, quarterly, and/or annual financial reports, including as profit and loss income statements, balance sheets, etc.

We have experience with QuickBooks Online, Appfolio, Buildium, and more.

 Our Unique Features Include:


Diversified Property Management Experience

We oversee the bookkeeping for several units each week, including a mix of residential and commercial properties as well as HOA management firms.

Three-Way Conciliation

The foundation of verifying that all of your funds have been completely accounted for and distributed to the appropriate parties. Our monthly reconciliation report serves as support for this.

Accounts Payable

Every property we manage will eventually have expenses that need to be paid, including HOA dues, monthly bills, periodic maintenance, and utilities. Income and expenses for each property are correctly recorded and maintained by your personal Landlord Management Bookkeeper.

Rent Invoices

Even though most tenants pay their rent online, some still choose to pay in person, which entails manually entering the payment receipt and making a documented bank transaction. Your Landlord Management bookkeeper will see to it that timely and accurate entries are made in your preferred property management portal as you make the actual bank deposit. Your LLM bookkeeper will gladly process tenant late notifications for individuals who pay their rent late.

 Management Fees

The management (and other) fees collected from your owners are the main source of income. Your Landlord Management bookkeeper will keep track of all income receipts and deposits made to your management account while you make the actual bank deposits.

Owner Statement

Some owners might only hear from you once a month via their statement. All of your statements will be prompt, precise, and descriptive thanks to your LLM Bookkeeper.

Other Receipts

You may unavoidably occasionally get physical checks in the mail from owners and other sources. While you will physically deposit money into your bank account, your LLM bookkeeper will make sure that both the receipt and the bank deposit are recorded promptly and accurately.

Tenant Ledgers

So that you have a clear understanding of all incoming rent payments, your LLM bookkeeper will make sure all tenant ledgers are up-to-date and relevant.


Curious to know what else we may help with in terms of financial planning that may not be listed above?

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