New York’s Housing Crisis

Years have passed since public housing in New York City received adequate funding from the government to address the deteriorating structures, erratic heating systems, broken elevators, vermin, and other issues that have made it a symbol of neglect.

The nation’s oldest and largest public housing system is currently experiencing a problem that could get worse due to residents’ declining rent payments.

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The Two Sides of The Fair Chance For Housing Act

The New York City Council is in the process of voting to end criminal background checks for potential tenants. Those who are in favor of the law claim that it provides poor New Yorkers with a second opportunity. Opponents propose there is a significant safety concern. What is the Fair Chance for Housing Act? The…

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Affordability in New York City

New York City has gotten more expensive. No one can deny that. With rising inflation, the cost of living has increased. Food is more expensive. Gas prices are outrageous. Rent in the city continues to rise. Many people are starting to leave New York due to the reasons lists above. For those who have stayed,…

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