Toxic Board Members

Dealing With the Disruptive & Disrespectful We frequently hear about them. The subject of TV shows, movies, and even books. Those intrusive, meddling, outright unfriendly neighbors that can ruin your life. Imagine what would happen if they were elected to your co-op or condo board. Having one down the hall or next door is terrible…

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Governing Condo/Co-Op Elections

In many ways, co-ops, condos, and HOAs can all represent the most basic form of representative democracy. How? Read on to see what transpires in the event of a shareholder meeting. Governing Docs Where does the authority of the board come from, and how must board members be chosen? That’s usually determined by a community’s…

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Before Signing a Lease, Tenants in New York City Should Ask These Questions:

New year, new home?

A lot of New Yorkers begin to consider change in January, which may mean finding a new apartment.

It pays to learn as much as you can about a building before you commit to a lease because moving is difficult and costly here.

Of course, it’s a good idea to ask questions during an open house or showing, but it’s simple to become sidetracked by the scenery or a cool feature—and lose focus.

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Water Rate Jumps to 4.42%.

Residents of co-ops and condos in New York City continue to take hits. Gas and electricity costs have recently increased by 8.4% and 9.1%, while their property taxes have recently increased by an average of 8%.

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New Bills are Adopted by City Council Increasing Lead Paint Regulations

In order to remove legal loopholes surrounding lead paint enforcement and get the city closer to its objective of ending childhood lead poisoning, the New York City Council has enacted two pieces of legislation. However, supporters are hoping that lawmakers will adopt further reforms in the upcoming week. Peeling or chipped lead-based paint will be…

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Which HOA Rules Can Be Implemented and Which Can Not?

HOA concerns are rather common. They are too expensive. It is not allowed for residents to pick their own paint colors. They impose limitations on the breeds of dogs you are allowed to own, the types of basketball goals you are allowed to mount on your home, and even the types of grass you are allowed to grow in your yard.

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Now Available: No-Penalty Building Inspections for Smaller Co-ops and Condos

Smaller co-ops and condos that are exempt from the Facade Inspection and Safety Program’s (formerly known as Local Law 11) five-year compliance cycles must nonetheless be kept in a safe state. The city’s Department of Buildings (DOB) is once again providing its free No-Penalty Inspection Program to assist the co-op and condo boards in those buildings.

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How a Property Management Company Can Handle Tenant Screening and Selection

Searching for reliable tenants can be a daunting task for property owners in Brooklyn’s vibrant neighborhoods like Clinton Hill and Crown Heights. However, the burden of tenant screening and selection can be lightened with the assistance of a professional property management company. Landlord Management, your trusted partner in real estate in Clinton Hill, Crown Heights,…

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